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Spacecraft User Guides and Flatsats are both freely available.

Self serve: no contracts, NDAs, or paperwork required.


You can begin integrating your payload with the Apex spacecraft bus using the virtual flatsat and Ethernet port on your computer. The containerized flatsat can be configured to any of the Apex bus models with any configuration package option, letting you test any payload early, iteratively, and with high confidence.

User’s Guide & Flatsat

User Guide

Overview of Apex satellite bus models, payload interfaces, environments, flatsat, and other development resources.

Virtual Flatsat

Software-only flatsat can be downloaded free of charge. Emulate any Apex bus model and configuration package. Use your computer’s Ethernet port to test with payload hardware.

Bus Emulator Interface

Looking to test your payload with more than just Ethernet? Includes the available payload digital interfaces (Ethernet, RS422, RS485, CAN, LVDS, etc.), the available payload power/discrete indicators, and flight-light connector interface (power and data)

*Optional, Available for Purchase

Mechanical Interface

Validates mechanical fit check to payload interface plate and provides standard Apex bolt pattern

*Optional, Available for Purchase

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