Say Hello to Your New Spacecraft Platform.

Standard satellite bus models from 100 to 800kg, configurable to your mission needs.

Fastest delivery of reliable spacecraft on earth in the galaxy.

Image of the Earth from space
Apex satellite bus

Designed for Manufacturing.

Apex satellite bus low angle view

We’ve designed our buses to deliver on the core principles of standardization, production at scale, and rapid delivery.

Say goodbye to the days of custom engineering, long lead times, and schedule delays. When you order an Apex bus, you’re ordering a configured product directly off our production line.

Apex Buses Configured for Your Mission Needs.

Apex base model buses can be configured with a selection of easily-swappable performance packages, letting you tailor a bus to your specific need. Looking for more downlink, higher power, more agility, or something else?

Select the configuration package that’s right for you.

End-to-End Service Capabilities.

Apex offers a full suite of additional services to empower your space mission:

Payload Integration and Test

Ground Service Integration


Launch Booking

Mission Operations


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