Say hello to your new
Spacecraft Platform

Say hello to your
new Spacecraft Platform

Configure the aries satellite bus platform for your mission.

Aries satellite bus over earth

Fastest delivery of high reliability spacecraft on earth in the galaxy


Welcome to the new era of spacecraft manufacturing. Aries, our small satellite bus, offers guaranteed on-time delivery, high reliability, and the most transparent pricing in the industry.

Aries accommodates payloads up to 94kg, for a total wet mass up to 197kg. The Aries bus platform is compatible with a wide range of missions in LEO and beyond.

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Earth observation & Sensing
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Platform for OTV providers
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Hosted Payload Companies
Aries satellite bus with earth observation payload

And whatever else your mission requires

The Aries spacecraft bus platform is compatible with nearly any LEO-based mission. If you’re interested in missions beyond LEO, whether it be to MEO, GEO, or deep space, reach out below. Future bus platforms will be compatible with a wider range of mission sets.

planet earth from space

Current Bus Availability

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2024 Spacecraft Available
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add-on packages

The Aries satellite bus can be delivered to you for integration, or provided with the following packages:

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FCC Licensing
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Payload Integration
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Flight Booking
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Flight coordination & ATP
Aries satellite bus over earth with a large antenna
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Aries Spacecraft Specifications


Maximum Recommended Payload Mass


Aries Bus Wet Mass


Maximum Recommended
Spacecraft Wet Mass

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