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When you join Apex, you're not just joining a company; you're joining a mission driven organization that enables governments and companies around the world to further develop and explore space.

Apex’s Mission.

Become the largest supplier of spacecraft platforms in the galaxy, enabling humankind’s access to space.

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Our Values

Curiosity: Apex is working at the forefront of technical innovation. Curiosity is the foundation of what we do and who we are. Asking questions and thoughts in outer space are encouraged.

Hunger: Our job isn’t easy. You need to be driven to get the job done. We cover a lot of ground very fast. Our team is highly motivated and driven by the mission at hand.

Willingness to Learn: We’re expanding into unknown frontiers— are you comfortable jumping into the abyss and learning along the way?

What We Do.

Apex solves the largest bottleneck in the space industry: spacecraft manufacturing. 

We enable governments, companies, and individuals to get to space more rapidly, with transparent pricing, and high reliability. By combining traditional aerospace techniques, new-space mentalities, and the best of terrestrial engineering, we develop commercial-off-the-shelf satellite buses at scale.

Our Founders and Story.

lan Cinnamon, CEO, and Max Benassi, CTO, came together in 2022 to solve the space industry's greatest need: spacecraft platforms. They set out to be a repeatable and reliable supplier of satellite buses, enabling tomorrow's constellations. lan and Max bring together a diverse set of experiences across aerospace and software, making Apex uniquely capable of delivering reliable spacecraft faster than ever and at scale. Under their leadership, Apex grows at lightning speeds - from clean sheet design to first flight planned in just a single year.

Before Apex, lan founded Synapse, an Al platform company that analyzed dual-use data, including downstream satellite imagery. After selling Synapse to Palantir, lan led satellite analysis efforts, where he saw first-hand the problems caused by long lead satellite bus vendors. In 2021, Ian joined the venture capital firm Village Global to invest in space companies while incubating the idea for Apex.

Max, our CTO, spent most of his career at SpaceX, where he applied design-for-manufacturing philosophies to over 500 different subassemblies. He worked to ensure SpaceX could increase its production rate to meet industry demand for launches. After realizing that rockets were no longer the bottleneck in the industry, Max joined Astra as Director of Engineering to solve the new bottleneck, scaling the production of satellite components

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Communication Systems Engineer

Spacecraft GNC Engineer

Spacecraft RF and Telemetry Engineer

Spacecraft Electrical and Power Systems Engineer

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