Q&A with Paul Cipparone, Manufacturing Engineer

Published on
October 31, 2023
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Q: What excites you the most about working at a company like Apex?I

I love working for small, focused teams who are all aiming towards one goal- Apex embodies that perfectly.

Q: Why are you excited about space?

I get really excited about humanity’s multiplanetary future, and about our potential to build on-orbit tools that can push humanity’s abilities further than ever. I am especially interested by the proliferation of on-orbit compute and imaging systems.

Q: You are somewhat new here at Apex. What has surprised you the most so far?

I have been surprised by the velocity with which Apex moves.

On Day 1 I was whisked thru a concise onboarding and then put to work right away, working both on our overall manufacturing system, and physically turning wrenches on the hardware. This has been really exciting for me as someone who likes to get stuff done!

Q: Tell us a bit about what you do in your free time.

I mostly like hanging out with my dog River. When I am not doing that, I enjoy reading books about engineering history, lifting weights, playing tabletop games with my friends, and working on crazy projects.

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